​How did you hear about LACEGAL?

I knew about LACEGAL as I am one of the researchers involved at the CONICET-IAFE node.
I decided to visit Europe and, in particular,  the Institute for Computational Cosmology in Durham because it is an international leading institution in my field of research.  There,  I had the possibility of actively interacting with recognised astronomers and physicists in a friendly atmosphere as well as attending different seminars and talks.  This experience has contributed a great deal to my scientific formation and let me start a scientific collaboration.


​Did your career profit from your LACEGAL visit?

I consider that the interaction with leading experts in my field of research is crucial for my career. Also, the participation in colloquia and seminars on different topics related to my activity contribute a great deal to my scientific formation.  My visit to the ICC was certainly a very fruitful and stimulating experience as I could accomplished these objectives.  This kind of exchange programs are very encouraging  for people in Argentina as it is very difficult for us to afford the costs of traveling abroad and meet researchers from other parts of the world. I am very grateful for having being funding by the EU and hope that these exchange projects continue.


My research project and career background

I am 32 years old and studied Physics (undergraduate studies and PhD) in Universidad de Buenos Aires,  Argentina.

I am studying the chemical and dynamical properties of galaxies by using numerical simulations in a cosmological scenario.  In particular, I am interested in analysing the fundamental physical processes which drive the evolution of galaxies as a function of their mass and redshift, considering also their environment and formation histories.  The comparison of these results with recent observational works plays a important role on my research.


How did you experience Durham?

The organisational support from Durham is excellent.  People are very kind with me.  I had no problem in finding accommodation (in Ustinov college) or with the organisation of the trip (travel, payment, etc).  

Project related: work with colleagues, supervisor, inhouse seminars/meetings

I was able to interact with colleagues in a very friendly and stimulating atmosphere.  I also attended many seminars and talks at the ICC.  In particular, due to my visit, I started a scientific collaboration with Dr. Tom Theuns. 

Facilities –I felt very comfortable working at the ICC.  During my stay, I shared an office with two postdoctoral researchers.  An IT account was set up for me, giving me access to the local network, Internet connection and printers.  In order to start the collaboration with Dr. Theuns, I also used the computer cluster COSMA.   Dr. Lydia Heck helped me a lot with this.  People at the IT Service Desk were also very kind.


My recommendation for people considering a LACEGAL visit: "Take advantage"

Regarding my particular experience in Durham, I enjoyed most the possibility of discussing about science with many colleges in a very friendly atmosphere.  I also feel very comfortable because of the kindness of the people both in the ICC and in Durham in general. It was a fantastic experience from many points of views and I am planning to go back during 2013.  I recommend people to take advantage of these opportunities as they give a very important scientific background and the results are really very stimulating .  To make the visit more fruitful,  I recommend interacting with as many people as possible as well as attending the many seminars and colloquia given in the host institution. I consider it is also very important that the visitors present a talk about his/her research in order to get feedback from the other scientists.

Questions? Get in touch with Maria Email:mariaemilia.dr@gmail.com




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