How did you hear about LACEGAL?

I heard about LACEGAL in a group meeting in Chile (Nelson group in Catolica) in September of 2011, I took the decision to apply to travel to Durham, because the group there is probably the best in the world in my area, and I was not going to loose that opportunity.
I went to Durham from February to May of 2012, and then I returned from November to December 2012 to finish my paper.


​Did your career profit from your LACEGAL visit?

We published a paper with the work made in Durham with the title "How robust are predictions of galaxy clustering?", which was accepted by MNRAS in May.

Thanks to LACEGAL, I made my undergrads thesis  with Durham people (I received a maximum qualification for it in my university for it) and I will make my Phd thesis about the same topic. I met several different people and will continue working with them in the future.

So in conclusion, LACEGAL changed the complete orientation of my career, in a really positive way.


My research project and career background

My main research project is the comparison between different semi-analytic models (SAMs),

taking special attention in the relation between physical properties of the galaxies and dark matter.

I did my undergrads in Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, followed by my bachelor thesis with
Nelson Padilla (PUC), Carlton Baugh (Durham) and Peder Norberg (Durham) and my PhD with Nelson Padilla in Catolica.


How did you experience Durham?

Before I left I received support from the Durham crew regarding accommodation in Durham and advice on the best travel connections etc. While I was there I assisted 3 seminars/meetings, one in Durham (Virgo meeting), the Millennium workshop at MPA in Garching and a MPI workshop at Edinburgh University.

I worked with Carlton Baugh and Peder Norberg. 

Durham always has a good and comfortable office I can use, also they lent me a computer and gave me access to COSMA, so I could work there without any problem. 


My recommendation for people considering a LACEGAL visit: "Do it!"

It is a really good opportunity, you are not going to regrets it!

I did not have ANY problem there, just maybe get accommodation for just a few months, but thanks to the people there in Durham University
that helped me that part was not a big problem. Everything else was excellent, the people, my work there, just excellent, really nice.
I'm trying to get back again for 3 months at the end of 2013, and I would like to spend a complete year there for my PhD thesis

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