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My secondment is longer than one month but shorter than two. Do you know how much should I be financially supported in this case. When I left, the administration of my institute was still uncertain. They think just for one month, that is 2000 euros.

If you are staying over one month you get the following


A>  euro 2000 for every full month - A month is defined as:

- From the first day to the last day of the month (e.g. 1 March – 31 March); or

- From the day 'd' of month 'm' to day 'd-1' of month 'm+1' (e.g. 13 March – 12 April).



B> For partial months of recruitment, a pro-rata unit cost of 1/30 will be reimbursed for each day (for ease of implementation, each month is considered to have 30 days):

Example: A staff member is seconded from a beneficiary to a partner organisation from 12 March to 25 August. The calculation is five months (from 12 March to 11 August) plus 14/30 (for the 14 days from 12 to 25 August).


I'm from one of the EU nodes and I'm staying with a third country node. If my travel, accommodation and other expenses for the full month are less than the €2000 I'm entitled to, what happens? 

You are entitled to the full amount, this money is to be used for travel, subsistence, accommodation and any other costs related to your trip. If there is money left this must to go to you directly. 


This question was also raised at the kick off meeting in Brussels, we received a summary after the meeting: 

'8. Could the seconded staff be paid less than the Unit costs per researcher per month (€2000) if the real costs of the coordinators are less?

No, this is not possible. The full amount should be paid to the seconded staff. There is no link with the real costs; financial statement mentioning the reimbursement costs is filled in automatically (read-only for the coordinator) according to the declaration of secondments introduced by the beneficiary through the participant portal.'


Please note that you must keep receipts for five years to prove that you have been away for the time stated, ie flight tickets and accommodation confirmation - not every single item but the main ones.

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