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LACEGAL local support​


Interested in visiting Durham and cooperating with our research team? Lacegal and our local team will support you financially and help with organising your trip

Eligible researchers receive 2300 Euros per research month. This is usually sufficient for travel, accommodation and subsistence. 

Once the representative of your node has agreed to your trip to Durham get in touch and we can help to arrange your trip.

Variety of Coins



Depending from where you are travelling you might need a visa - you can

We can support you by sending an invitation letter and looking for flights. In most cases we book a flight for you and send an eticket, advise you on the best routes and send you local information.


We help with finding accommodation in Durham: Ustinov College offers single, couples and family College accommodation outside of term time. Residences are based on two different sites: Howlands Farm, which is a short walk to the majority of departments including the science departments. Single and couples accommodation is based at both locations. Family accommodation is based at Dryburn Court in Keenan House. 

Alternatively there is a number of rooms in shared houses available. 


Before trying to find accommodation yourself you can get in touch with

who is always helpful.


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